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Fake News and Misinformation Workshop

These materials were developed to accompany a fake news workshop.

About the Fake News Workshop

History of the Workshop

Spring 2021: The Fake News Workshop was first developed as a 75-minute instruction session for a criminal justice course held on Zoom. 

Fall 2021: The Fake News Workshop was revised for a 50-minute presentation open to all Penn State Harrisburg campus students on Zoom.

Spring 2022: Invited to present this workshop to a Penn State group, Informed Consumers.

Fall 2023: Presented the Fake News Workshop to the Penn State Harrisburg campus community.

Use this Guide

Use the pages on the left to discover the workshop slides, the recording of the fall 2021 workshop, and a misinformation resource list.


The contents of this guide are licensed CC BY-NC 4.0. You are free to share and adapt these materials for non-commercial purposes so long as you credit Emily Reed as the creator.