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Affordable Course Content (Greater Allegheny)

A guide to library-provided and/or Open Access materials that PSUGA instructors can use as course content at no cost to students.


This guide is provided to help faculty utilize all of the free* content that the University Libraries provide, and that is available in Open Access repositories elsewhere, in order to reduce the costs of course materials for their students. While this guide is geared toward faculty at Penn State Greater Allegheny, the resources offered here are available to all Penn State instructors.

Faculty at PSUGA are encouraged to contact their campus librarian, Andrew Marshall, with any questions about affordable course content, including:

  • How many pages of this book can I post on electronic reserve?
  • Are there any e-books that might be good for this course?
  • Can you buy a copy of my textbook for the library's reserves collection?
  • Where can I get support for writing an Open Access textbook?

Please use the menu on the left to learn more about three sources of free* course content.

*Of course, none of these resources are absolutely free. The University Libraries (supported by tuition dollars) pay for access to hundreds of online collections and (when Fair Use is not applicable) for copyright permission to post electronic reserve readings. And most Open Access resources require a tremendous investment of time and expertise by subject experts who are willing to share their work openly.