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Foreign Government Information

a guide to resources for information about foreign governments.

Strategy 2: Area Studies

Use an Area Studies page link.

These pages fall into two groups: those that are part of the WWW Virtual Library (a hierarchical subject arrangement of Internet sites) and those that are developed by academic and research institutions with serious interests in a region and regional issues. The advantages of this approach are:

  • They generally pull together a wide variety of Internet sources, including major government links, related to their area research interests.
  • Those pages developed by academic and research institutions may list their own research studies - or better still, provide the full text of some studies.
  • The WWW Virtual Library pages are among the most comprehensive sets of links available and are regularly updated.
  • Most of these pages are in English

Here are a few of the area studies pages available on the Internet. These should lead you to others:



Australia | The Pacific


Indigenous Studies | Fourth World

Latin America

The Middle East