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Foreign Government Information

a guide to resources for information about foreign governments.

Strategy 2: Area Studies

Use an Area Studies page link.

These pages fall into two groups: those that are part of the WWW Virtual Library (a hierarchical subject arrangement of Internet sites) and those that are developed by academic and research institutions with serious interests in a region and regional issues. The advantages of this approach are:

  • They generally pull together a wide variety of Internet sources, including major government links, related to their area research interests.
  • Those pages developed by academic and research institutions may list their own research studies - or better still, provide the full text of some studies.
  • The WWW Virtual Library pages are among the most comprehensive sets of links available and are regularly updated.
  • Most of these pages are in English.

Here are a few of the area studies pages available on the Internet. These should lead you to others:



Australia | The Pacific


European Union Centers of Excellence (ECE) "A consortium of 10 centers at universities in the U.S. leading in teaching and research on the European Union and its member states."

Indigenous Studies | Fourth World

Latin America

The Middle East