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Economics and Finance at Harrisburg


This guide provides access to the best resources for your assignments in FIN 301. 

See the Financial Statements page for databases that provide financial statements going back many years, and stock information for public companies. 

On the Wall Street Journal page, you can access resources that provide full-text coverage of WSJ articles. 

If you have any questions about locating information for your projects throughout the semester, please do not hesitate to ask for help using my contact info in my profile box on the left. 

Good luck!

Accessing the Wall Street Journal

In addition to your student subscription access to the WSJ (info available on your Canvas page), or the print copies available daily on the third floor of Olmsted, there are a few ways to access WSJ content through the libraries. 

Resources for Financial Statements

Publicly traded companies must disclose required financial statements to investors and the general public, which means you can typically find this documentation on their general websites, or websites geared towards investors. 

However, these websites can make it challenging to aggregate data, and sometimes, it is difficult to find. 

The University Libraries subscribe to databases that aggregate this information in easy-to-access formats.