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Guide for Data Use Agreements

Purpose of this guide is to help researchers navigate requirements to acquire data


Cross References:

  • AD08 - Purchase of Advertising. To set forth procedures for the purchase of display advertising in commercial print media as well as commercial messages for radio and television, and for inclusion of advertising in official University publications and electronic communications using University facilities (refer to Policy FN14).
  • AD61 - University Marketing and Communications. The purpose of this policy is to establish the lines of responsibility for the University's branding, marketing, and communications efforts. It applies to all colleges, campuses and budgetary units of the University.
  • AD71 - Data Categorization & ADG07 - Data Categorization Examples.  Both replaced by Policy AD95 - Information Assurance and IT Security (Formerly AD20-Computer and Network Security) .
  • BS07 - Authority and Procurement. To state the authority for and method of procurement of equipment, materials, goods and services, including consulting. (For special provisions concerning Consultants, see Policy BS17.)
  • FN11 - Contracts and Leases. To state the authority for signing contractual documents which include, but are not limited to: agreements, contracts, leases (for real estate or equipment), construction documents, entertainment industry contracts, academic affiliation and research collaboration agreements, and agreements for the utilization of non-Penn State property.
  • HR33 - Help Wanted Advertising. To insure that language used in classified advertising complies with State and Federal legislation and maintains a standard of public relations.

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