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Criminal Justice

To assist the community of Penn State faculty and students interested in exploring the field of crime, law and justice, this page has been developed to help you locate library resources.

Streaming Video

DVDs and Videos

Each Penn State library at every campus has a collection of DVDs and other videos, such as videocassettes and blu-ray discs. Altogether over 25,000 DVDs are available to Penn State library users. The DVDs and other videos can be requested and delivered from any Penn State library. 

To search for DVDs in The CAT, follow these steps: 

1) Select the Advanced Search option.

2) At the "Material Type" prompt (below the search boxes), select “Video Material” from the pull-down menu.

Material Type select Video Material

In addition (if you wish), type search terms in the search boxes for specific movie titles, or directors’ names, actors’ names, topics, or film genres.

3) To focus your search on DVDs only (and remove streaming videos from your search results), type the term “videodisc in the "Keywords Anywhere" search box, in addition to selecting “Video Material” under "Material Type".

Keywords Anywhere type videodisc


4) To request a DVD from any library location, use the “I Want It” button next to the description of the DVD in The CAT:

I Want It buttom