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ARTH 560 Methods: Session on Responsible Authorship, Spring, 2020

This is an outline of the major topics discussed in the session that includes links to additional information.

Arts Venues

An enormous number of publishers produce a seemingly endless list of books, journals and other publications in the arts.  Generally, scholars publish through venues that they know --  the ones they tend to read for their research.  But sometimes, people have written something a bit different or for a different audience or something that is not quite right (perhaps too long or too short) for the customary publications.  One way to shop for potential journals is to consult the list of journals indexed in a good journal database.  For example:

Open Access Arts Publishing Venues

Open access journals in the arts have existed at least since the late 1990s and some of these have practiced the common scholarly procedures of peer review of submitted manuscripts.  A well-know example is Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide, which began in 2002.  Others may be found using open access indexing services such as: