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CRIMJ 494: Research Topics

Getting Started with a Paper

How do I find a good topic?  What keywords should I use to search for my topic?  How do I create a thesis statement from that topic?

Check out the links and videos on this page to find answers to these research questions.

Top Videos about Brainstorming Keywords

Thesis Statement Checklist

  • Is your thesis statement one sentence?
  • Is it clear what your position is on the topic?
  • Does it appear early on in the paper?
  • Does it summarize everything in your paper?
  • Is it based on evidence (sources)?

blue check mark in a circle

Brainstorming Tips

  • Always read over the research assignment and consult the instructor when deciding upon a topic. 
  • Consider what type of CJ career you would like and find a topic related to that.
  • Think about interesting CJ stories you have seen in the news lately.
  • Bounce topic ideas off fellow CJ students.

Power Tip: The National Criminal Justice Reference Service has a Thesaurus Term Search that can help you find the best keywords to search with for a CJ topic.  Once you find the right CJ jargon, you're ready to start typing those keywords into library databases!