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HIST 292N: The History of Witchcraft, Magic and the Supernatural

Special Collections

The class will be using materials from the Occult Collection in Special Collections as the basis for their research paper. (Students can choose any primary source(s) there, dated before 1975.) 
To search for and see what materials are held there. Go to the main library web page.  Click on "Search the Cat." (below the big "Find" Search Box.   Skip the "Quick Search." Instead look to the right hand side of the page and click on "Advanced search".
On the Advanced Search Screen, do two things.
At the "In Library" box, select "Special Collections"
In the location box scroll down to the choice "Rare Books and Mss, 1st Floor Paterno, Occult Collection". 
Please see the screen shot for how to fill in the boxes correctly  to pull up the materials from this Occult collection.
Click on search and it will bring up close to 500 items. The search defaults to the newest materials first (some of which are primary sources and others that are not).   Go to the end of the list to find the oldest materials.

Screenshot showing search boxes for special collections and rare books materials