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COMM 100: The Mass Media and Society

Tiffany Petricini

What is a vlog?

Vlog just means "video blog." Famous YouTubers and Insta Stars and "influencers" used to be called vloggers (some still do call themselves that). There are various types of video blogs available. For this course, you are expected to vlog your opinions and answer questions that Dr. Petricini has provided in your video responses to a current event.

The Lartz Library also has various cameras, including "bloggies" that are handheld cameras with built-in USB drives, available for use, if you current cell-phone does not support videos.

We also have the One Button Studio, which has both green and blue screen technology if that is something you would like to use. In order to make an appointment to use the OBS, use this link:


How to video vlog

Vlogging Tips

Effective Outlining

Having trouble with outlining? Please use the following links.