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EARTH 107: Coastal Processes, Hazards and Society

Dr. Guertin

Ask the Vairo Librarians

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Have Questions?

  • Email-a-Vairo Librarian:
  • Phone-a-Vairo Librarian: 610.892.1380
  • Text-a-Vairo Librarian:  610.314.7890

Background Information

Any of the following are not credible or authoritative sources and will not be accepted: 

(Hint: stay away from these types of websites in other classes, too.)

  • Wikipedia, and any other site with "wiki" in the URL
  • Articles on Science Daily
  • Any website with "geek" in the URL, such as
  • Any online encyclopedias (,, etc.) 
    •       Gale Virtual Reference Library is OK
  • Anything from a website with a URL containing, anything “kids” or “kidz”
  • These additional sites: How Stuff Works, Windows to the Universe, Watts Up With That?

‚ÄčFor this assignment - no books! This includes not using book reviews. (Use books and book reviews in other classes). 

Do not use Letters to the Editor or opinion pieces from newspapers/magazines. 

Web Sources

General Sources on the Web: 

General Science and Earth Science Sources:

Coastal and Ocean Specific Sources: