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Maps & Geospatial: ArcGIS Online

This guide provides an introduction to using ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online enables the creation of web maps, web applications, and geospatial analysis projects to communicate with broad audiences related to spatial topics.

Helpful Links for Creating a Web Application

From the Map tab and a saved web map, click share and choose create a web application. Explore the available options. Depending on the chosen web application, add content, related text, media links, and more.

Story Maps

These are some helpful tips for developing a story map. Multiple templates for a story map exist. These sample guidelines relate to the story map journal template.

  • From the Story Map journal start page, select a layout. Side Panel or Floating Panel. If you decide to try the alternative option, this is available via the settings. Enter a Title.
  • Main Stage Area: This is where the title of a section is entered. A web map can be selected to be in the main state area, or other forms of media. For instance, an image can be selected as the main stage area. For images to be used, the digital image needs to be present on the web for the url to be used.
  • Additional Notes on usage of web map: location, content, and pop-up are able to be customized. For instance, if it was desired to zoom into a portion of the map, then this is completed via the Location then Custom Configuration option.
  • Side Panel Area: Text, hyperlinks, images, and video can be added to the section side panel. If a place name is included and a marker is desired to be added to the map, highlight the text of the name, and click Main Stage Area.
  • Organize sections as desired. Click the Organize Section option towards the bottom of the side panel. Rearrange sections by dragging the section title.
  • Adjust the settings as desired. Click the Settings button. Adjust the layout, theme, font, and color as desired.

Saving and Sharing a Web Application

  • From the web map application. Click Save when complete.
  • Click the Share button and Share publicly to share link with others.
  • From the Content tab,  select the desired content by checkmarking the content, and select share to share the item publicly or with desired groups.

Updating Details of Web Map and Story Map Journal

  • From the My Contents Tab, identify the Web Map and Web Mapping Application.
  • For the Web Mapping Application, click the dropdown near the name, and select View item details.
  • Click the Edit button. Enter a brief description of project with desired information. Enter additional information as desired.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat above steps 2-4 for the Web map.