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Information Literacy Tutorial (Credo)

These modules are designed to give students a foundation in information literacy

Information for Instructors & Designers, & Librarians

Welcome Instructors, Learning Designers, and Librarians!

 Penn State University Libraries is pleased to offer InfoLit modules (a.k.a . Credo modules), which are designed to give students a foundation in information literacy and critical thinking. The 80+ modules provide a supplemental way for students to asynchronously complete lessons on a wide range of topics such as getting started with research, finding credible sources and recognizing bias, and properly citing sources. Below you will find instructions for using them as well as benefits. 


  • Teach students essential foundational skills that will help them throughout their academic and professional careers 

  • Enhance instruction using engaging multimedia 

  • Customize content to your classroom and configure delivery through Canvas  

  • Provide integrated assessments using quizzes 

  • Free up classroom time to focus on more discipline-specific content 

laptop with various icons depicting ideas Instructions: 

The InfoLit modules can be used in two ways: 

  • in Canvas 

  • as direct links on Library Guides or other web sites 

The 80+ modules use the following formats to interactively deliver instruction: 

  • multimedia and video 

  • self-guided tutorials  

  • quizzes 

Please note: We highly recommend you use direct links for the modules in most cases (listed on the tab to the left called "Direct Links for All Modules"). The direct links force authentication to the modules, whereas embedded videos do not and may display an error message. 

Using InfoLit modules in Canvas: 

  • All module types can be embedded inside your Canvas course with the benefit of being integrated within the flow of a course. Basic instructions for adding this content can be found here

  • Quizzes can be integrated so that student scores are reflected in your gradebook. This requires a special LTI link which we can provide upon request. Direct links to the tutorials and videos can be found here.    

  • Please contact us for LTI links or help embedding into Canvas:  

Using InfoLit modules on web sites: 

  • The InfoLit modules are subscription-based and only available to PSU authenticated users. Please use the direct links listed on the tab to the left called "Direct Links for All Modules". Embed links are available via this site or by contacting our team but may not preview or play properly due to the way the authentication is set up. 

  • If you are interested in using the InfoLit modules our team would be happy to consult with you about which ones to use and ways to integrate these modules into courses or instruction. Please contact us at:

Faculty Guide to Credo Information Literacy Modules