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SOC 119: Race and Ethnic Relations

We hope this guide will offer resources, tips, and keywords to help with your research.

What is a Scholarly Journal Article?

Scholarly journal articles are some of the best types of sources to use in your research paper.  Scholarly journal articles are academic articles that present an expert's research (the expert is often a professor at a university).  They differ from popular magazine and newspaper articles in several ways.  Please open the document below to see the differences between these two types of publications.

How to Read & Use Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles can be intimidating to read and dissect for your college level papers!  Use the links below for tips on where to find different pieces of information and how to best approach reading a lengthy peer reviewed, scholarly article.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

How to Read a Scientific Paper

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles Video

General Search Tools

Your best bet for finding scholarly journal articles on your topic is LionSearch--it has a little bit of everything in it.

Can't Find Enough in LionSearch? Try These Subject-Specialty Search Tools