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ENVST 200: Environmental Studies

Professor Black

Databases - Best Bets

Start with these databases to find relevant articles

Additional Databases

Finding the Full Text of Articles

Sometimes, the full text of an article won't be available in the database where you find it. Here are some strategies for locating the Full text.

1. Use the Get It! Penn State Button Get It! Penn State Button

This button is a short cut that allows you to quickly search through our other databases to find the full text.

2. Search Yourself Using Lion Search

Lion Search is the catch-all search that allows you to search all our resources at once. Search for the article's title to see if we have the full text in our collection - make sure you put it in quotes!

3. Request an Interlibrary Loan 

If the "Get It!" button and Lion Search don't come up with the full text - you will see an option to request the full text via Interlibrary Loan. Once you fill out the request, it may take a few days for us to get the full text from another library - you will be notified by your PSU email how to access the full text once it arrives.