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Special Collections: Athletic History

A guide to collections focusing on Penn State Athletic History

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can items such as videos, books and papers be borrowed overnight from the Sports Archives?
    • No, materials can only be viewed in the Special Collections Library during regular hours. Photocopying and scanning are available on site.


  • How do I get information on Penn State athletes?
    • When asking for information on individual athletes, please provide the name, the sport and the years he/she participated in. Copies of articles, clippings, and statistics can be provided for a fee.


  • Can I get a photograph of a PSU athlete?
    • When available, photographs can be scanned and sent via e-mail for a fee.


  • What is the difference between coaches footage and broadcast footage?
    • Coaches footage only shows individual plays of the game, usually in black and white with no sound. Broadcast footage is in color and has announcers giving play-by-play commentary.


  • Can I purchase copies of bowl games?
    •  No, bowl game coverage is owned by the bowl entities and the networks, and is subject to copyright restrictions.


  • Who was John Montgomery Ward?
    • John Montgomery Ward was a native of Bellefonte, PA who attended Penn State in 1875. He was one of the first pitchers to throw a curve ball, and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1964.