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Vote 2023

A guide to help prepare students, especially first-time voters, to vote in the primary and general elections.

Researching the Candidates

Getting registered and knowing your polling place is half the battle. Once you're in the voting booth or have your mail-in ballot, who do you vote for? In PA, during the spring primary election you choose the candidates for the political party you are affiliated with on your voter registration. You're voting for who will represent you on the ballot in the fall general election. Each state handles the primary election differently, though.

During the fall general election, you may vote for any of the candidates on the ballot. Here are a few steps to take to be prepared when you enter the voting booth or fill out your mail-in ballot.

  1. Find out who is on your ballot
    Go to one of these sites and enter the address you'll be voting from to find out who will be on your ballot. There may also be local issues you can vote on. Enter your home address if you'll be voting there or your school address if you are registered in PA and voting locally.
  2. Take this quiz to see which issues matter most to you
    ISideWith 2023 Political Quiz
    Answer more questions on the issues that matter the most to you, skip questions you're unsure about if you want. The results won't tell you who to vote for, but can help you think about what you care about the most and see which political parties share that opinion.
  3. Find out where the candidates stand on the issues that matter most to you
    • Campaign Website
      Search for the candidate's campaign website. It should outline their positions and highlight what they hope to do in office, if elected. This site will also connect you with the candidate's social media profiles. Next, look to see if their actions match their words. 
    • Vote411 
      Enter the address where you'll be voting. Expand each race to see how the candidates responded to the survey from the League of Women Voters, or compare the responses from multiple candidates.
    • BallotPedia
      Enter the address where you'll be voting. Click on the candidate to learn more.
    • VoteSmart
      Enter a candidate's name, choose them from the list, then use "The Facts" folder icons to explore.
  4. Fact-checking and checking your bias
      Reviewing statements of the candidates, with a focus on the 2022 election.
    • Politifact 
      Search to fact-check the latest statements from the candidates.
    • AllSides
      Avoid the echo chamber and read a wide variety of sources to make up your own mind. Search for the candidates or issues that interest you.