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PressReader Database

how to use and print from the PressReader database

Print from 'Full Page' view

To Print an Article/Photo:

1. Click on the Print icon.  print icon


2. Click on Print Custom Area.            

                                Print custom area


3. Move green box around the article/photo. The green box can be moved by clicking inside the box, holding and dragging. The box can be made larger/smaller by clicking, holding and dragging the green dots (circles).

crop area

Then click on the print Icon, located top, right. additional print icon



To Print a Full Page:

1. Click on the Print icon. Print icon

2. Click on Print Page.


3. Select paper size. Select destination paper size and orientation.    Check Scale to Fit Paper Size, if needed.

paper size and scale to fit

4. Click on Print. print icon


Print from 'Text View'

1. Right click on article.

2. From 'pop-up' box. select 'Print.'

text view print icon


3. Select 'Print as Text' or 'Print as Image'.

information icon"Print as Text' will print just the text. "Print as Image' will print article, including any photos as an image. "Print Custom Area' and 'Print Page'  takes you to 'Full Page' view.


Print icon with choices