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CRIMJ 439: The Politics of Terrorism

Welcome to the library guide for The Politics of Terrorism.

Getting Started on Threat Assessment

Much of the information that you need for a threat assessment can be found on the free web.  Here are some search tips:


  • Use quotation marks when you want to find an exact phrase (or name).


“types of threat assessment” finds only sources that have those words in that same order


  • Search federal, state, and local government sites with site:gov in Google.


Terrorism threat assessment site:gov finds only government sites that contain the words Terrorism threat assessment.


Reseaching Locations for Your Threat Assessment

Most cities and towns have data  available through their municipal web sites.  Here are some other resources.                               

Identifying Terrorist Groups

Studying Trends

Identifying Potential Targets (including infrastructure)

Ports of entry – airports, harbors

Water systems

Energy supplies

Transportation infrastructure – highways, roads, bridges, rail lines, tunnels

Military installations

Other federal facilities (buildings, research labs, nuclear plants)


International borders

Government buildings (city, state, federal)

Stadiums, arenas, convention centers

Other large buildings (high-rises), landmarks, monuments

Communications and technology infrastructure

Power plants

Hospital/medical facilities


****Check out this site about dealing with threat assessments to specific buildings: