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Maps & Geospatial: Topographic Maps

Topographic maps provide a detailed representation of the natural and man-made features of the earth's surface.

Penn State Libraries

The Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information is Pennsylvania's regional Federal Deopsitory Library for maps distributed by the U.S. Government Publishing Office. This collection includes topographic maps of  all 50 U.S. states.  We have maps at several scales and time periods.

The collection also includes topographic maps for other countries. See the Other Countries tab in this guide for more information about how to find these maps.

We have digitized our 15 minute Pennsylvania maps.

To find topographic maps in the Libraries' sheet map collections:

  • use Advanced Search in The CAT

  • For Pennsylvania, enter the quadrangle name and the word topographic in the Topic: Title+Subject field.  For other states, use the state name.

  • change the Material Type to Map

  • change the Library to Maps Library

sample search of the CAT for maps showing "allentown topopgraphic" in the "topic" search box and "map" chosen as the option in the "material type" limit option