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Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Provides resources and links related to College of Engineering Research Experiences for Undergraduates. Provides detailed instructions on how to efficiently search in the CAT and various databases. Also provides links to relevant, scholarly websites.

Planning Your Research

1. Select your topic and define it carefully. What are the limits of your research (place, years, technology) that will limit what materials are appropriate?

2. Find background and general information:

3. Find more detailed information on your topic. Use the engineering and subject specific databases and web sites mentioned on this web site.

4. If needed, go to appropriate sources for statistical information. Develop your topic as needed with additional research in the databases. You should be able to develop your searches better by using the terminology you have found in your earlier searches.

5. Write your paper. Remember to cite (note where you got the information) for anything that isn’t common knowledge or any statistic. Be sure to put any text from other resources in quotes and cite it properly. Citation links are noted in this web site. For help finding the right databases, search words, or other problems, see a librarian or your professor.