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ENGL 202C: Effective Writing: Technical Writing (Ringle)

Feasibility Report


Assume you are now a business professional working in the field and for the company you planned for when you started your education. Your company/employer is currently considering a project that could be financially beneficial. 

Some potential project ideas to consider are: 

  • Developing a new product or service 

  • Purchasing new equipment or software 

  • Moving operations or construction projects 

However, before your colleagues can begin to work on the project, they need to be aware of the project’s scope and determine the projects chances for success. To do that evidence must be collected and presented in the form of a Feasibility Report.  


Once you have chosen a project to consider you will need to research, evaluate, and present your findings on a minimum of three criteria. These criteria may include but are not limited to: 

  • Need for project 

  • Costs & Funding 

  • Staffing 

  • Legal or Regulatory Ramifications 

Note: You may change the criteria to best fit your chosen topic but you must have at least three sections to analyze in your report. Please use specific headings. 


Consider the following questions before you begin researching & writing your report: 

  1. What industry are you working for? 

  1. What are the economic concerns pertaining to this industry? 

  1. Are there any environmental concerns?  

  1. Are there any safety or health concerns? 

  1. What other concerns might apply to your proposed project? 

Then create a list of three potential topics, one of which you will select as the topic for your report. Each topic should include three (or more) sub areas to research.  

Then conduct some preliminary research to decide which of these three topics is best.  

Once you have chosen your topic and criteria write a purpose statement (see book for example).  


Use the library resources you were introduced to in class to conduct your research. 

Be sure to research credible sources that inform you about issues that may impact your chosen project.   

Drafting your Feasibility Report 

Write to your boss and colleagues. Detail your research on issues surrounding your company’s potentially lucrative project from different perspectives. 

To compile this report, you will do the following: 

  1. Write in Memo format 

  1. Use an appropriate form of organization (direct or indirect) depending on Audience & Purpose 

  1. Organize sections with specific headings. In addition to headings for your three criteria, you will also need to include headings/sections for the following: 

  • Introduction 

  • Background 

  • Scope 

  • Conclusion(s) 

  • Recommendation 

  1. Include at least one visual element 

  1. Include a works cited page in MLA format 


1. Remember to cite your sources properly both in the text and in a reference list.  
2. See the assessment on Canvas for specific grading criteria.  

3. See examples in your book and on Canvas 

For Due Dates Please See the Schedule in Your Syllabus