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BBH 416: Health Promotion II: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation

Dr. Angela Lucente-Prokop

Add references

Note: Systematic bulk downloading of PDFs for hundreds of references at a time may be in violation of Library database licenses and may cause temporary loss of access. Please download PDFs for references individually or on an as-needed basis rather than in bulk.

Using your browser icon:

  • When you find an item you want online, Zotero will recognize it, and an icon will appear in your browser bar. Simply click the icon, and Zotero will import all the bibliographic information into your library.

Importing files from your computer:

  • To include a PDF or any other file from your computer, simply drag it to Zotero. You can drag to an existing item to attach the file or drag between items to store as an independent item.
  • You can also use “Store Copy of File…” under the green plus sign or the “Attach Stored Copy of File” under the paperclip item in the Zotero toolbar (attachment).
  • For PDFs that you have added as independent items, you can try to automatically extract bibliographic data by right-clicking them and selecting Retrieve Metadata for PDF.

When adding any files, double check the document details (on the right side of the screen when you select a document) as it can be incorrect. Simply click in the field that is incorrect and make your corrections.

Importing files that have been exported from a database such as PsycInfo or another citation tool (such as EndNote or Mendeley):

  1. Open Zotero by clicking on the Zotero icon.
  2. Click File and select “Import.”
  3. Find the location of your text file and select it. The folder will be imported into Zotero with the same name as the text file.
  4. Repeat these steps for each folder you need to import to Zotero.

Find full text

Find Full Text for citations in your Zotero Library
Configure the "Library Lookup" feature in Zotero's Locate Menu to find the full text of an article via the Penn State "Get It" service.

To enable Library Lookup:

  • Under Edit, select Preferences
  • Click the Advanced Tab
  • In the box for OpenURL Resolver enter:
  • Click OK

To locate full text:

  • Select any reference in Zotero
  • Click the locate button (the green arrow next to the search box)
  • Select Library Lookup

You can also configure the Zotero browser extension to immediately resolve article urls to full text.  To set this up:

  • Install your Zotero browser extension
  • Right click on the extension in your browser bar
  • Select 'options'
  • Under the 'Proxies' tab, enter the following proxy: