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ART H/HIST 292N: Witches and Witchcraft, from the Middle Ages to the Present (Penn State Berks)

Welcome to the library guide for Dr. Samantha Kavky's ART H/HIST 292N class!

Cultural Analysis Paper

group of students sitting around a table, researching on laptops

Papers should be 3-4 pages in length, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font. Please use MLA or Chicago Manual of Style for your citations and works cited list. Please include images with full captions.

The final paper for this class will combine research and cultural analysis. Students will select a contemporary representation of witches or witchcraft and analyze it in relationship to the issues and history covered in the course. The contemporary work may be in any medium: visual art, literature, graphic novel, film or TV. Students will work in groups depending on their selection and present their work to the class as a group; however, each student will be responsible for their own individual paper. Papers must demonstrate evidence of research including correct citations and work cited list. Students must use at least one historical or theoretical reading from the class and at least one new scholarly source. Students will be graded not only on the quality of their research and writing, but on the quality of their selection, its relevance to the course, their use and understanding of course content, and the quality of their sources.  --From Dr. Kavky

Scholarly Journal Articles

A scholarly journal article is written with the purpose of sharing the research of a scholar.  Scholarly journal articles usually have these characteristics:

--Authored by scholars (professors or art historians)

--Have a bibliography (references or works cited) at the end

--Formal writing style

--Based on in-depth research


 black graduation cap with tassleSample Scholarly Article

Searching in library resources using the scholarly filters is the best way to ensure you find these types of articles.


To Find Print Books: Click the blue "View Availability" buttons to find the campus location and call number. 

--If Berks has the book, proceed to the shelves and find the book using the call number. 

--If Berks does not have the book, click the blue "I Want It" button to have the book delivered to Berks in 2-3 business days  You'll receive an email when the book arrives at the library's front desk.

To Find Ebooks: Search for your topic and then click the "Online" filter on the left side to limit to ebooks at the Penn State Libraries.


⭐ Bonus:

Google Books is also a good place to find ebooks.