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CAS 100A Honors: Effective Speech

Jim Hart (Penn State Scranton)


Illuminati symbol of pyramid topped with an open eye at the apex

The Illuminati

photo taken of the alleged Loch Ness Monster in 1934, now know to be a hoax

Loch Ness Monster

Irving Newton, Met. Officer at Roswell USAFB, New Mexico, holds debris of a supposed flying saucer found by rancher Mac Brazel

Roswell and Area 51

photo of John F. Kennedy looking at the camera from the shoulders up with a slight smile

Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Neil Armstrong in his spacesuit on the moon looking at the United States flag

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

cover art of Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook from the 1980's with a red dragon bearing down on an armored swordsman

Dungeons & Dragons and Satanism

plane flying above in a cerulean blue sky with four rows of contrails trailing behind


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