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PSU 08 & PSU 16: First Year Seminar (Brandywine)

Brandywine First Year Seminar

Ask the Vairo Librarians

Vairo library sign

Have Questions?

  • Email-a-Vairo Librarian:

  • Phone-a-Vairo Librarian: 610.892.1380

  • Text-a-Vairo Librarian:  610.314.7890

  • Library hours

Start Here

We want to know what kinds of experiences you've had with libraries in the past. Brandywine's library might be a bit different than what you're used to or what you expect! Let us know what your library was like in elementary or high school, or if you have been to a public library before and what you used it for. 


Go to the Google JamBoard linked below and use a sticky note or any of the other tools to write a sentence or two about your library experience.


Screenshot of Google JamBoard with an image of a cartoon library and two post-it notes.

At Vairo Library, we might have some things that are different from other libraries you've been to. 

You can borrow: 

- Calculators​

- Headphones​

- Puzzles​

- Portable chargers​

- Chrome books​

- Course textbooks​

- Tabletop Board Games​​

- Microphones​​

- Cameras​​

- Leisure reading​​

- Graphic novels​​

- And BOOKS!!!​​


You just need your student ID!