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EARTH 103: Earth in the Future: Predicting Climate Change and Its Impacts Over the Next Century

Dr. Laura Guertin

Current Event and Background Sources

Op-Ed Information and Tips

What is an Op-Ed?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an op-ed is "An essay in a newspaper or magazine that gives the opinion of the writer and that is written by someone who is not employed by the newspaper or magazine" and stands for opposite editorial.  Op-Eds are sometimes referred to as Opinions and/or Commentary.  

Historically, op-eds were written and published by newspapers, but over time other print and online media outlets such as magazines, journals, blogs, wikis, etc. began including these types of editorials.

Not all opinion pieces are called "op-eds" and are often labeled "Opinion", "Current Opinion", "Opinion Essay", "Guest Editorials", "Commentary", etc. Editorials and Letters to the Editor are not true opinion editorial pieces, as the former is usually written by an editorial board and the latter is a response to an item and doesn't follow op-ed guidelines.

In addition to the news sources available on your class website, there are several library databases that will allow you to access both national and international news publications.  

Web Sources

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General Science and Earth Science Sources:

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