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FIN 301: Corporate Finance

Research guide for Karen Barr's FIN 301 course


Sources Assignment

Each member of your team will need to find 5 sources about the financial aspect of your company. 
You want to cite the sources using APA.  Do not just give a link to the source.  

For example:

Detar, J. (2016, August 12). JCPenney Beats, Adding To Retail Stock Relief Rally. Investors Business Daily. p. 1.

  • Along with citing the source, you must also provide a 4 sentence description (at minimum) of the most important information in each source.  This needs to be done for each source. 
  • There should not be duplication of sources between team members and for this particular assignment; you cannot use the annual report at all as a source.  I want to see sources other than the annual report. 
  • Each member must have at least 4 of their sources come from  The databases available online at PSU are massive. 
  • Do NOT use any sources with QUARTERLY DATA.  We are analyzing YEARLY DATA so we only want information about your company concerning yearly data. 
  • One member of group should turn this assignment it.  These sources will help to create your final written paper as well as your citation page.