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Citation and Journal Measures

this page is designed to help Penn State users find the bibliometics measurements used to gauge the impact of researchers, institutions, and journals.

What is Citation Searching?

Citation Searching allows you to:

  • Determine how many times a particular article has been cited
  • See those citing articles.  This allows you to move forward from a seminal work and discover what new research is based on that earlier research.

Other databases may include citation information.  Once you locate the article you are interested in, look for links such as "Cited by" or "Items Citing this Item".

Citation Searching via Web of Science

Step One

Click on the down arrow next to the words "Basic Search" and select "Cited Reference Search"


Web of Science screen showing location of the cited reference search option.

Step Two

In the Cited Author box, type in the author's name in the format  lastname firstinitial* (e.g. federoff n*) and in the Cited Year box type in the year of the work. If the author is very prolific, or has a common name, you may have to input the name of the journal in the Cited Work box (find the correct abbreviation using the journal abbreviation list link).


Web of Science screen showing the location of the cited author box and the cited year box.

Step Three

Select the references you wish to include and click on Finish Search.

Note: Articles are often mis-cited in the literature, select all versions of the article to get a more complete picture.


Web of Science screen showing location of the check boxes to select references and the "finish search" button


Note: The citations listed will only be from journals covered by the Web of Science database.  Web of Science only indexes core journal, and it does not cover other types of publications such as books, dissertations, technical reports, patents etc.

You can also use the Analyze Results feature (located on the upper right) to determine trends in the citing set of articles.


Web of Science screen showing results of a citation search with the location of the number of citations retrieved circled