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ENGL 015 & 30: Rhetoric and Composition (Berks)

Welcome to the library guide for ENGL 15 & 30 students at Penn State Berks!

ACTIVITY 1: Database Relay Race

  1. Designate a group member to record your team's answers.
  2. Conduct a search for "sustainability" and then begin answering questions.
  3. Once you answer a question, send a team member up to get the next question.
  4. First team to answer all questions correctly wins!
  5. Be prepared to review & discuss answers with the class.

ACTIVITY 2: MLA Citation Practice

For this two-part activity you will work with a partner practicing MLA citations:

  1. In part one you will use the MLA Citation Guide to review and correct citations copied and pasted from a database citation generator.
  2. In part two you will create a correct MLA in-text citation from the references provided.