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Wellness at Penn State Berks Thun Library

Sensory Room

The sensory room is designed to foster wellness & support your academic success by empowering you to manage stimuli in ways that help maximize your individual well-being & learning.

How to Reserve the Room: To reserve the room, please go to the room reservation system or come to the front desk in the Thun Library.

Checkout Policy: 90-minute checkout period. 1-3 individuals at a time.

Interactive Virtual Tour: Check out the interactive virtual tour by Mitchel Nevryanskiy, Erin Morris, and Alex Romero.

Social Media: Visit our instagram reel.

Sensory Room sign

Sensory Room Code of Conduct

To help maintain the restorative environment, we ask that all library users:

  • Respect the space by handling all furniture & items with care, sanitizing anything you've used, & putting everything back in its place before leaving.
  • Be considerate of noise. The Sensory Room is not soundproof & is not designed for socializing.
  • Be mindful of your reservation time. This space is not intended to be a traditional study room.
  • Help us improve the space! Please share feedback with us:

Photograph of Sensory Room at Thun with cubby storage, MoonPod, Buddha Board, and window overlooking trees and lawn. Photo of Sensory Room at Thun with Inmod Alpha Egg chair, white board, and table with miscellaneous sensory items stored.

Photo of Sensory Room cubby storage with areas for Fidget Items, Visual Stims, and Auditory Stims. Photo of Sensory Room at Thun with basket chair, plants, and bubble tube.

The Sensory Room contains:

Sensory Kits

The sensory kits allow you to create your own sensory space anywhere in the library! They are meant to support individuals who want either pure sensory relief or sensory relief while studying.

Overnight checkout period (can leave library), 1 renewal allowed. Available to any patron (student, staff, faculty, community user).

Sensory Kits

Each kit contains:

  • Noise canceling headphones
  • My Little Morphee guided meditation box
  • Nee Doh ball
  • Liquid motion timer
  • Blue light blocking glasses
  • An assortment of fidget items & visual stims

Also check out a Buddha board at the front desk!