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MKTG 473: Digital Marketing (Berks)

A course guide for MKTG 473: Digital Marketing at Penn State Berks.

Welcome to the MKTG 473: Digital Marketing Workshop!

Digital Marketing Campaign

  1. Work in small groups to create a digital marketing campaign for The Q's all-terrain rollerblades in the form of social media post text.
  2. Use at least one of the generative AI tools listed below to create a genAI digital marketing campaign for the same product.



PROMPT Design Framework comprising Persona, Requirements, Organization, Medium, Purpose, and Tone.

Made with Padlet

The Hidden Layer

Open the Hidden Layer Simulation to explore the deep learning work of nodes in a large language model neural network, and consider their implications for AI bias, hallucination, and explainability.

Hidden layer architecture of one input node, three parallel hidden layer nodes, and one output node.

Examine AI bias in more detail by exploring the image galleries created by Rest of World using Midjourney.

Rest of World not available? Try these alternatives:

AI in Digital Marketing


  • How does your original digital campaign compare to the one generated by AI?
  • In what ways could genAI be useful to digital marketing? In what ways is it not useful?
  • What do you need to know, and be aware of, to use genAI effectively in digital marketing?

Further Resources

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