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FR 1 Elementary French 1 and FR 2 Intermediate French 2

Welcome to the library guide for Elementary French at Penn State Berks! (Dr. Zohra Guissé)

Terms and Resources for French Research

An exterior view of the  French national library (Bibliothèque nationale).  Shows a person walking in front of giant glass windows.French Terms Related To Research:




Bibliothèque Nationale--the national library of France, pictured on the right.

Gallica--the digital library of the Bibliothèque Nationale.  Access millions of books, articles, and artifacts about French culture through Gallica at:

The Penn State Library databases below offer credible sources for research on French language and culture.  Try searching in both English and French for the best results.

Online French Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Audio Lessons, and Apps

Virtual Visits

A night view of the Eiffel Tower.  Lights shine on the Tower in the French national colors--red, white, blue.A two level building in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.  Plants hang from teh second floor, and tourists tand in front.