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Animal Science

databases and resources for Penn State faculty, staff, and students researching animal science topics

Book Searching Tips

  • Use the Browse function if you are looking for a specific title or author (type last name first).
  • Use the Keyword function and combine terms to search on a topic then use the subject headings from relevant books for additional search terms.

Suggested CAT Search Terms: Try searching for specific animals (i.e. poultry or dairy cattle), diseases (i.e. marek's disease or encephalopathy) or concepts (i.e. reproduction or nutrition).

General call numbers and subject areas are:

  • QL - Zoology
  • QP - Physiology
  • QR - Microbiology
  • SF95-SF99 - Animal Nutrition
  • SF191-SF219 - Cattle
  • SF221-SF275 - Dairying and Dairy Products
  • SF277-SF359 - Horses
  • SF371-SF379 - Sheep
  • SF391-SF397 - Swine
  • SF421-SF440 - Dogs
  • SF441-SF449 - Cats
  • SF481-SF507 - Poultry
  • SF600-SF998 - Veterinary Medicine

At University Park, most materials in the life sciences are located on the 4th floor of Paterno Library. 

Write down the call number and location for any book you want. If the item is not at your campus use the "I Want It" button to request it. 

For electronic books, click the link under the words "online content" to access the full text.

You can also find books via: