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NURS 200W: Principles of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

World Campus Sections

How to use this page

This library guide was designed to assist NURS 200W World Campus students with their Librarian Research Assignment. For your assignment you are to provide the librarian with specific information in addition to completing Modules in the Nursing Library Instruction Course.

Each section of this guide (located on the left) provides additional information to support the items you are to send the librarian. Please review each section and use the information to help create the items required for your assignment.

Below is a copy of the assignment instruction from your CANVAS course. You can use the Nursing Library Instruction Course link on the left to complete the "check your understanding" quizzes.

Librarian Research Assignment Instructions

The purpose of this learning activity is to begin to search for articles related to your PICO question that meet the requirements of the EBP Project.

To connect with the librarian, it is suggested you directly E-MAIL the librarian listed in the left column of this page. Directly contact the librarian via the listed PSU e-mail.

For this assignment DO NOT use the “Ask a Librarian” service or “Schedule Research Appt./Research Consultation Request” form on the library website.

Before contacting the Research Librarian you need to complete the following:

  • Have one PICO question approved by your instructor
  • Complete the “check your understanding” quizzes for the required library instruction modules
  • Identify which databases you will search for information
  • Create a list of keywords and/or controlled vocabulary terms for your PICO

Send this information to the librarian for consultation and revise your PICO(S) question as needed based on your meeting with the Research Librarian. Having a composed, revised PICO(S) is a part of EBP Project Part I.