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CRIM 12: Criminology

Library resources for CRIM 12 LEAP cohort

Search Strategies

Simple tips for searching news articles:

Structure of a news article

Search the LEAD or First Paragraph will provide you with a much better result. All of the resource listed below allow you to do this in their advanced search.

  • Make sure you are in advanced search by clicking on the link.
  • Use the drop down menu to find LEAD/First Paragraph

Note: You will need to scroll down the page in NEXIS UNI to find the Headline and Lead Section.

Phrases searching

Use quote marks ie. “criminal intent” to search for the phrase.

Types of news articles

There are many types of news articles in a newspaper: feature articles, editorial, want ads, obituaries, etc…

If you want an opinion piece in an editorial you might want the term editorial in your search. For example,

“criminal intent” AND editorial

This will give you articles with the term editorial and the phrase “criminal intent”.

Types of News Sources

News sources are more than just newspapers. They can include newswires, blogs, television transcripts, etc…

Make sure that you only retrieve the types of news publications that are requested in your assignment. If you are unsure then talk with your instructor. You can do this by using the filter SOURCE TYPE from your results.

Citation Tip

When you find the article in the database. Open up the article and you should see an icon ''c or the phrase Export Citation. Click on this to see the citation changing it to the appropriate style for your assignment. Copy and paste. 


News Resources