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ARCH 131s / ARCH 132s Basic Design Studio I & II

Resources for student research into architectural exemplars and precedents

General Design Sources

Starts with Google-style searching of Penn State's library catalog (The CAT) plus most of the e-journals and e-books at Penn State. Unlike Google, allows many ways of manipulating the results. For more information, see the video tutorials listed below:

Like LionSearch, The CAT is an online catalog of materials owned by the Penn State Libraries: books, journals, audiovisuals, maps, recordings, etc.

However, it is easier to find SPECIFIC BOOKS and SPECIFIC JOURNAL TITLES using The CAT since the database does not search the contents of materials (articles in journals, chapters in books.)

Describes articles related to architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Links via the Get It! button.

Contains descriptions of articles on the history and practice of architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, historic preservation, furniture, and interior design and decoration in more than 700 international magazines. Most indexing began with 1934, but some titles are indexed to dates as early as 1741. Updated weekly.

A selection of recent buildings arranged by types.  For example, choose "School and Kindergartens" to browse 132 examples, each with excellent photos and drawings.

Describes articles and books on architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Free info from one of the largest architecture libraries in the world. Unfortunately, no links – each item chosen must be checked in The CAT or LionSearch to determine if it is immediately available.