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EDUC 100 -- First Year Seminar (Gamson)

This is a library guide for students in David Gamson's Education First-Year Seminar.

What are Research Badges?

The badging system is a digital learning tool that you will use to earn research related badges.  Completion of the badges will help you when you are ready to find resources for research assignments in your classes.

If you have a problem with the signup, send me an email:

Accessing the EDUC 100 Badge Group

Access and work on badges at any time by following this link: EDUC 100 Gamson badges and logging in with your Penn State ID and password.

Completing your Badge

Each badge contains 4 to 6 steps designed to introduce you to different aspects of a learning activity. BE SURE TO READ AND VIEW ALL PARTS OF THE BADGE - this is the information you will need to successfully answer the questions.  Please note that some of the steps have video or other media that will need to be played.

A team of librarians will evaluate your work and return personalized feedback to you. If you have not answered the questions successfully, you will have an opportunity to resubmit your corrected work.


Creating your account

To create your account, look for an email in your PSU email inbox with Subject: Penn State Digital Badging Invitation.  

  • Click on SIGN ME UP
  • Enter your name.  If you want, you can customize your profile with a picture, connection to social media, etc., but this is not necessary.
  • Click on GO TO GROUP
  • You will be responsible for completing both the Savvy Searcher Keyword and the Savvy Searcher Refining Your Research, and the Savvy Searcher Recognizing bias badges.


Earn Savvy Searcher: Keywords Badge

The Savvy Searcher: Keywords Badge details the concepts you should understand before you begin searching, creating, and forming a research question.

When you have successfully completed this badge, you will know how to conduct appropriate keyword searches. You will also know some of the basic differences between search engines.

Earn Savvy Searcher: Refining your Research Badge

The Savvy Searcher: Refining Your Research Badge is designed to help you formulate a research topic and narrow it to a research question.

When you have successfully completed this badge, you will know how to expand on your keyword search, form a preliminary question, refine and expand your search, and reflect on the process of creating a research question. These are all essential steps in writing a quality paper.

Earn Savvy Searcher: Recognizing Bias Badge

The Savvy Searcher: Recognizing Bias Badge is designed to help you identify bias and evaluate sources effectively.

After earning this badge, you will be able to understand the bias inherent in search engines and the need to be objective when conducting an academic search. Finding information from a diverse number of perspectives and sources can only strengthen the final product of your research.