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COMM 450: Digital Advertising

A guide for students in Dr. Shoenberger's Digital Advertising class.

Consumer Information

These resources allow you to create custom reports utilizing various data sources. 


You can click the Resources tab in Simmons to find "Interpreting Crosstab Data" and other User Guides if you are not familiar with them.

*PLEASE NOTE: The following tutorials utilize the "1.0" interface of Simmons. If the interface you get when you open Simmons does not match what is used in the video, look in the top menu bar for the "Launch 1.0" button and click it.

This video will demonstrate how to create a Quick Report that shows a basic behavioral profile of a generation or age group.

This video will demonstrate how to run a basic "Cross Tab" report that can be used to identify specific consumer behaviors by a demographic.

Marketing Reports

The resources below provide marketing reports and analysis for various demographic groups, geographies, and market segments.