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P T 270W: Pathophysiology

Diane Kuharsky

Welcome to PT270 W: Pathophysiology

Welcome to Pathophysiology! You will be asked to do several case studies and also a final presentation. This guide can help you with these projects.

Top Picks for Physical Therapy

Researching Evidence Based Articles

Using the databases listed above, the best way for researching for both evidence based practices and randomized clinical trials on your topic. 

To do this, please use the following options

LionSearch (Bento results):

  1. Make sure to put the phrases you use in quotation marks
  2. Example: "rotator cuff tears" and "physical therapy" and " evidence based practice" 
  3. Pick appropriate search box by clicking on "See all ---# of results" from the journals box
  4. Skim through results


  1. Scroll down to see all options
  2. Make sure to check "Evidence-based practice"
  3. Go back to the search boxes at the top and do your search, ex: "rotator cuff tears" and "physical therapy"

Proquest Nursing and Allied Health ADVANCED SEARCH Instructions

  1. First search box, type in the injury, ex: "rotator cuff tears"
  2. Second search box, type "evidence based practice"
  3. Third search box, type "physical therapy"



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