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IACUC: searching for animal alternatives

A guide for finding alternatives to the use of animals in research for Penn State.

The protocol narrative will include:

  • The date the search was performed. 
    • Note: searches should be done with an adequate amount of time to read relevant sources found, not the day before the protocol is submitted.
  • The name(s) of the databases searched.
    • Note: one database is seldom adequate, best practice would be to search at least two core databases and at least one specialized 3R/Alternatives database.
  • Keywords used. 
    • Best practice would be to include the full search strategy used for each of the 3Rs, and the number of hits in each database
  • Summarize your findings.
    • Include any potential 3Rs that were found and justification if an alternative was found but not used.
  • The time period covered by the search (beginning and end dates).
    • Best practice would be to include at least the past ten years or more.