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PSYC 571: Tests and Measurements (Harrisburg)

Links to databases and other resources for finding psychological testing instruments. Also provides explanations, search tips, and other "words to the wise" for locating and using tests.


Welcome to Penn State Harrisburg Library's guide for PSYC  571 (Tests and Measures). I've designed this guide to help you find questionnaires and other measures for various assignments. Click on the buttons on the left to explore the library's resources.

Finding these types of documents is one of the most challenging research skills for clinicians and teachers to learn. A few things to keep in mind:

  • No database provides free, full-text copies of all tests and measurements; you may have to look in different places to find them. This is because:
    • Some test creators publish their tests in books and journal articles. Others have sold the “rights” to their tests to publishing companies, and now the publishers distribute (sell) the tests.
  • There could be hundreds of tests out there, depending on the people you want to study and what you want to learn about them.

If you need more help using the library, contact the Behavioral Sciences and Education Librarian, Bernadette Lear,