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NURS 200W: Principles of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice

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MeSH, CINAHL Headings and Thesaurus

Controlled vocabulary codes are unique to a database.

  • MeSH for PubMed
  • MH for CINAHL
  • SU.EXACT for PsycINFO

These search strategies are on the same topic, but each search is unique to the database.

  • PubMed - "Spouse Abuse"[Mesh] AND "Self-Help Groups"[Mesh]
  • CINAHL - (MH "Intimate Partner Violence") AND (MH "Support Groups")
  • PsychINFO - SU.EXACT("Partner Abuse") AND SU.EXACT("Support Groups")

Most Races have a controlled vocabulary term, but they are not always the same term

  • PubMed - "African Americans"[Mesh]
  • CINAHL - (MH "Blacks")

Not every word has a controlled vocabulary term. If you cannot find a matching controlled vocabulary term search the concept as keywords placing phrases inbetween quotation marks.

  • “end-tidal carbon dioxide”