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PL SC 439: The Politics of Terrorism


If you are beginning your research and are unsure of where to find information, you may want to start with LionSearch, available on the University Libraries homepage. A capture of the LionSearch box is displayed below.

Type in your keywords and LionSearch will help you find books and articles available through the Libraries on your topic. You can also use the resources you find as starting points for new keywords and journals for further research. 

LionSearch box on the libraries homepage


Books you need can be shipped to your closest Penn State campus for pick up or mailed to World Campus Students. 

A search box for The CAT is also available on the University Libraries homepage, by selecting "Search the CAT" on the main search box, as pictured below.

Libraries search box with the "search the CAT" link highlighted

Other Databases

Journals of Interest

You can access the journals below directly through these links. To access other journals, use the library website to browse or search the full list of journals by title from the main page.