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B A 243: Social, Legal, and Ethical Environment of Business

basic legal research guide for B A 243

Supreme Court Insight


Nexis Uni (Formerly Lexis-Nexis Academic)

CQ Supreme Court Collection

search tools in CQ Supreme Court Collection database with the "cases" option highlighted




Case Citation number highlighted on the background information page Tips

  • Click on a case name on the results list (for example: "United States v. Santos") to find background information on the case. 
  • From the background info page, click on the case citation number ("527 US 173") to be linked to the court decision in FindLaw.
    • The case citation number is a great KEYWORD to use in searches and you'll also use it in your APA style source citation.
    • Citation numbers tell you the volume and starting page for your case's court opinion, and the court reporter (book title) it was published in. In this example, the case can be found in volume 527 of the U.S. Reporter, starting on page 173. Even though you're looking for things electronically, it's still the key to finding it!

Hein Online and LoisLaw (cases and law review articles)

location of advanced caselaw search option


  • Use the "Advanced Caselaw Search" to limit to Supreme Court cases and other search options.


  • Browse to the U.S. Supreme Court Library to limit your search to Supreme Court cases

US Supreme Court Library in Hein Online

Tip: Once you have your search results, on the left side of the page look for Edit Type. Check the boxes for "Peer-Edited" and "Refereed".

"Student Edited" articles are not technically scholarly, because students are not considered experts (they do not have a law degree yet!)

"Student edited" means a student run journal that does not send articles out for peer review.
"Peer edited" means a journal that is edited by professionals in the field
"Refereed" means a journal that routinely sends article submissions on for peer review by members of a diverse professional group.
Student edited or Peer edited journals may also be refereed, in which case the journal will be listed as "refereed". (Source)