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Privacy Workshop

Learn about how personal data is collected and used to make informed, intentional choices about safeguarding your privacy.

Welcome to the First Year Seminar Privacy Workshop!

In this workshop we will:

  • Learn about our personal data, how it is collected, and its potential uses
  • Reflect on how these practices impact our personal lives and society as a whole
  • Discuss how we can make informed, intentional choices to safeguard our privacy

blank white keyboard on a black background with the word 'privacy' in the middle

Image adapted from "Privacy" by g4ll4is via flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0

Personal data tracks

Visit each station posted throughout the room and answer the questions:

  • Where have you left data tracks today?
  • What data do you think is collected about you regularly?
  • What apps do you use daily?  Weekly?
  • What does privacy mean to you?
  • What steps do you already take to protect your data?  If you have never thought about it, share that too!

What's collected & who do "they" think I am?

Explore the links below to garner a better understanding of what metadata is being collected about your online behaviors and activities.  

What surprised you about the data that browsers track?  Are your ad profiles creepily accurate, or bizarrely inaccurate?  Share examples in the Padlet below!

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Personal Data Plan

Download the Personal Data Plan file and begin reflecting on the guiding questions on the first page.  The second page includes a Data Privacy Checklist to help you conduct risk-benefit analysis for the various apps and technology that you use day-to-day.