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BA 422W: Strategic Management

Georgia Macris

Paper Requirements

From your course assignment: You will select a large and publicly traded firm that is facing a strategic issue or challenge. You will then do a strategic analysis using theories, frameworks and models from the course. The writing of your paper should be between 10 -12 pages long with additional appendix and diagram pages. After your analysis you will change your focus to synthesis. Specifically, you must use the information you obtained from your analysis of the firm’s external and internal environment in order to generate alternatives. These alternatives should aim to resolve the significant strategic problems or challenges that the organization faces. Once you identify the best alternative, from an evaluation based on predetermined criteria and goals, you must then explore and recommend implementation actions to solve the problems or challenges.

Penn State Databases

Depending on the type of analysis you are doing, the following would be helpful for market research.

Business Research Outside of Penn State

You might still want the same access after you leave Penn State, but unfortunately, many of the above databases won't be available.

The following resources will be able to help you.