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NURS 200W: Principles of Nursing Research

Joan Humphrey

Getting Started

LionSearch can search for articles and more. It is a good place to start looking for information, however, pay attention to the TYPES of items you get back. There will be DVDs, movies, articles, peer-reviewed articles, magazine articles, books, e-books and more.


The clinical question is formatted as a PICOT, which identifies the:

  1. Patient population of interest,
  2. Intervention or issue of interest,
  3. Comparision group of interest,
  4. Outcome of interest, and
  5. Time frame

For example, we can ask a PICOT question, "In adults age 65 and older, how does chair-based exercise vs. Tai Chi affect balance?" Remember that in some instances the "I" in EBP can be an issue rather than an intervention. In this case we might ask, "How do older adults who have fallen in the past six months perceive their ability to ambulate independently."


  1. Search for the best evidence
  2. Critical appraisal of the evidence
  3. Integrate the best evidence with patient preferences and values, and clinical expertise in the formulation of a practice change
  4. Using evidence, evaluate the outcomes of the practice decision/change
  5. Communicate/Disseminate the results of the EBP change

Nursing Databases

Researching Evidence Based Articles

Using the databases listed above, the best way for researching for both evidence based practices and randomized clinical trials on your topic. 

To do this, please use the following options


  1. Make sure to put the phrases you use in quotation marks
  2. Example: "rotator cuff tears" and "physical therapy" and " evidence based practice" and "randomized trial"



  1. Scroll down to see all options
  2. Make sure to check "Evidence-based practice"
  3. Go back to the search boxes at the top and do your search, ex: "rotator cuff tears" and "physical therapy"


Proquest Nursing and Allied Health ADVANCED SEARCH Instructions

  1. First search box, type in the injury, ex: "rotator cuff tears"
  2. Second search box, type "evidence based practice"
  3. Third search box, type "physical therapy"