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HD FS 315Y: Family Development

Alice Long

Op-Ed Assignment

See Canvas for your assignment on writing an op-ed. These library resources featuring NEWS can show you what op-eds (and editorials) look like, as well as provide source material for your research.

Source Evaluation

IF I APPLY is one approach for identifying credible information and recognizing bias. Just as you will be writing for many different audiences in this class, different types of information that we consume have different purposes and intended audiences.

Remember that you want to both inform and persuade your readers, using the best evidence for the task. Outside sources lend you credibility! Citing sources like subject experts, well-respected publications, and credible witnesses are much more persuasive than opinion alone. 

Types of sources that are not convincing to readers websites and publications known to deceive readers, sites with obviously false/debunked or misleading information, and businesses trying to sell a product rather than inform.

News Databases