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HD FS 311: Human Development and Family Studies Interventions

Guide for Carol Cowan-Crawford's's HD FS 311

Your Assignments

In this class. you will be working on a Social Problem Research Project and a Professional Burnout and Self-Care Research Paper.

Social Problem Research Project

  • "Yes, you must cite research in your identified social problem topic! 2 sources are required."
  • 6-8 page paper and presentation on a topic that involves a social problem in the United States or globally, then integrating research from other sources (e.g. journal articles, textbook chapters).
  • The topic you select should be related to research currently being conducted and offer solutions to aid the problem.
  • When doing research and reading sources selected, consider:
    • What question(s) did the article address?
    • How was the topic defined and measured?
    • Who were the participants - a random sample?
    • What conclusions did the author reach? Does the data support these conclusions? What other conclusions might have been drawn from the data?

Professional Burnout and Self-Care Research Paper

  • Using a minimum of 3-4 scholarly articles (not websites) to support your definitions, define the concepts of professional burnout and self-care in greater detail.
  • Paper should be a minimum of 3 pages (not including the References page), formatted according to APA guidelines

The list of resources below are those most often used in HD FS and social work courses. In the video below, I will provide an overview of academic research using scholarly databases and offer some tips for formatting your paper using the APA guidelines provided by your instructor.

When playing the video, use the two arrows icon in the lower right corner to maximize the player window for a better view.


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